Artist Bio

Elena Fleming has spent most of her life in Russia, where she was born, and Ireland, where she moved in 2001. Since a young age, Elena has been inspirited by nature. This inspiration was the magnificence of her homeland, with spectacular beauty of the changing seasons, or the mystery and divinity of the Irish countryside, where reality entwines with legends.

Having a background in history and been occupied in various areas from teaching to sales, Elena started as a self-taught artist. She was studying Art, Craft and Design at the Further Education Courses in Kilkenny and Abbeyleix, Ireland from 2018-2020. She paints images of places, people or objects that she saw herself and had an emotional response to. She also finds her inspiration in music and memories. In her artwork she aims to express her emotions and feelings in the portrayed subject matter.

Artist Statement

I believe that art has a healing power and it brings a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us and changing for the better.

My work is based around painting and textiles. I work with oil, acrylic and hand stitch. My main interests are in landscapes, still life and interior painting.

A lot of my work is based around the theme "Unspoken Words". There are times when words should exist, but they become complicated and loaded. The unspoken hangs around, feeling the air and our thoughts and is unable to materialize. And then different, bright and easy words come and take their space. These words cover over a million of truths.

I am inspired by the beauty of the nature, the energy and unspoken stories of the old places, by memories and music. I am painting my feelings and reflections and I want to share them with people.