Old Cottage with Poppies

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I love old buildings. There is something true, inspirational and real about them. I do not know the history of this cottage, but every time I pass it during my walks with my dog, it intrigues me, attracts me, as if ready to share its secrets.

This original painting is a portrait of an old cottage in the light of a very early soft and tender summer evening after a very hot day. I was intrigued by the red poppies growing on the roof. In the old days the place was probably a home of a large farmer's family, as it was not unusual for the Old Ireland.

Now it is home of many forms of different life. Ecosystem in itself.



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The size of the painting is

69.5cm x 49.5cm x 1.8cm

27.4" x 19.5" x 0.7".

Material is oil on stretched canvas.


The painting is signed on front and back.

The piece is ready to hang.

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